Executive Members

President (Flavia Licursi 2020-2021)

The HGSA’s President acts as the representative for the Association. They serve as a liaison between graduate students, the faculty, and the University administration.

Vice-President University Affairs (Réda Bourgeois 2020-2021)

The Vice-President University Affairs is responsible for the organization of academic and professional development events for the Association.

Vice-President Student Life (Stéphanie Bourque 2019-2020)

The Vice-President Student Life is responsible for all student life activities of the HGSA. They also manage the website and social media for the Association.

Treasurer (Réda Bourgeois 2019-2020)

The Treasurer is responsible for the management and record of the funds of the HGSA. 

Secretary-Archivist (Réda Bourgeois 2019-2020)

The Secretary-Archivist is responsible for taking minutes at the HGSA meetings. They are also in charge of the archives of the association.

Note: The Vice-President Student Life, the Treasurer and the Secretary-Archivist are voted in at the end of September of a new academic year.