Executive Members


President (interim) (Amélie Marineau-Pelletier)

The HGSA’s President acts as the representative for the Association. They serve as a liaison between graduate students, the faculty, and the University administration.

Vice-President University Affairs (Amélie Marineau-Pelletier)

The Vice-President University Affairs is responsible for the organization of academic and professional development events for the Association.

Vice-President Student Life (Laura Blackmore)

The Vice-President Student Life is responsible for all student life activities of the HGSA. They also manage the website and social media for the Association.

Treasurer (Nicole Minkova)

The Treasurer is responsible for the management and record of the funds of the HGSA. 

Secretary-Archivist (Kathleen Durocher)

The Secretary-Archivist is responsible for taking minutes at the HGSA meetings. They are also in charge of the archives of the association.