The History Graduate Students’ Association of the University of Ottawa (HGSA) is a bilingual association representing the graduate students among the University’s academic forums, including the Graduate Students’ Association (GSAÉD), departmental assemblies, and the graduate studies committee of the Department of History. It also facilitates the social and academic development of its members.

The HGSA plans monthly meetings wherein members have the opportunity to meet, socialize and exchange ideas in order to enrich their academic experience in the capital region. The HGSA’s executive also organizes an annual series of professional development workshops addressed to graduate students in history. It also offers support and council to its members to facilitate their academic and personal development at the University of Ottawa.

The HGSA also supports the publication of Strata, a bilingual peer-reviewed journal for and by graduate students, and the Pierre Savard Conference, dedicated to Master’s and Doctoral students in history. Both platforms provide the opportunity for students to share their research and familiarize themselves with academia.

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